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The Sponsorship and Advertising brochure for the 2018 Australian Championships is now available here.

Thank you to the following 2018 Australian Championship Section Sponsors for their valued support.

Solo Sections
Sub Minor Girls 7 Years  
Sub Minor Boys 7 Years  AIDA QLD
Sub Minor Girls 8 Years  AIDA QLD
Sub Minor Boys 8 Years  Mark Adams ADCRG, VIC
Minor Girls 9 Years  
Minor Boys 9 Years  
Minor Girls 10 Years  
Minor Boys 10 Years  AIDA ACT
Junior Girls 11 Years  
Junior Boys 11 Years  
Junior Girls 12 Years  Penrith Gaels, NSW
Junior Boys 12 Years  Margaret Dempsey TCRG, Catherine Cosgriff  SDCRG, VIC
Intermediate Girls 13 Years  AIDA SA
Intermediate Boys 13 Years  Hilary McKenna, ADCRG, WA
Intermediate Girls 14 Years  
Intermediate Boys 14 Years  AIDA WA
Senior Girls 15 Years  AIDA VIC
Senior Boys 15 Years  Sean Kelliher, ADCRG QLD
Senior Girls 16 Years  
Senior Boys 16 Years  
Junior Ladies 17 Years  O'Brien Academy, WA
Junior Men 17 Years  Genevieve Carroll TCRG and David Laws TCRG,  NSW
Junior Ladies 18 Years  BAL Lawyers, ACT
Junior Men 18 Years  David Laws, TCRG, NSW
Ladies 19 Years  
Men 19 Years  
Senior Ladies 20 and 21 Years  AIDA NSW
Senior Men 20 Years & Over  Michael L Healy, MP
Senior Ladies 22 Years & Over  Warren Entsch, MP
Ceili Sections Sponsor
Under 10 Girls 4 Hand  AIDA WA
Under 10 Mixed 4 Hand  AIDA WA
Under 12 Girls 4 Hand  BDO Nth QLD
Under 12 Mixed 4 Hand  
Under 15 Girls 4 Hand  Scoil Ard Rince, QLD
Under 15 Mix 4 Hand  
Under 18 Girls 4 Hand  City of Cairns Irish Dancers
Under 18 Mixed 4 Hand  
Open Age Girls 4 Hand  Adelaide Academy
Open Age Mixed 4 Hand  
Under 10 Girls 8 Hand  AIDA Nth QLD
Under 10 Mixed 8 Hand  
Under 12 Girls 8 Hand  
Under 12 Mixed 8 Hand  
Under 15 Girls 8 Hand  AIDA QLD
Under 15 Mixed 8 Hand  AIDA NSW
Under 18 Girls 8 Hand  
Under 18 Mixed 8 Hand  
Open Age Girls 8 Hand  AIDA QLD
Open Age Mixed 8 Hand  
Under 12 Girls 3 Hand Choreography  AIDA NSW
Under 12 Mixed 3 Hand Choreography  
Under 15 Girls 2 Hand Choreography  
Under 15 Mixed 2 Hand Choreography  
Open Age Girls 4 Hand Choreography  AIDA VIC
Open Age Mixed 4 Hand Choreography  
Under 12 Figure Dance  
Under 15 Figure Dance  
Open Age Figure Dance  AIDA SA
Winners Sashes  

Thank you to the following advertisers for their valued support

AIDA, Queensland

AIDA, South Australia

Reel Celtic

City of Cairns Irish Dancers

Warren Entsch, MP

AIDA, North Queensland

Scoil Rince Cashel, SA

McGrath Irish Dance, ACT


Sew Irish, VIC

Halloran School, NSW

Adelaide Academy, SA

Cox Academy, NSW

Penrith Gaels, NSW

PG Maher, NSW

Christine Ayres School, VIC

Spreagadh ne Rince, NSW

Munro School, QLD

Dreamtime Creations

Fiona-Gaye Moore Academy, NSW

Harlequin Flooring

Hall School, VIC

Hemmingway Brewery, QLD

Walton School, NSW

Scoil Rince Creer, NSW

AIDA, Victoria

Carey South West, NSW

AIDA, New South Wales

Antonio Pacelli

Shine Solo Videos

AIDA, Western Australia

Reilly School, NSW

Scoil Ard Rince, QLD

Walker/Kick, QLD