Advertisers & Sponsors

The 2022 Advertising and Sponsorship brochure is now available here.
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Thank you to the following 2022 Australian International Oireachtas Sponsors.


Solo Sections Sponsor
Sub Minor Mixed 6 Years and Under Carey South West Academy of Irish Dancing
Sub Minor Girls 7 Years  
Sub Minor Boys 7 & 8 Years AIDA ACT
Sub Minor Girls 8 Years Gregan Irish Dancers New Zealand
Minor Girls 9 Years  
Minor Girls 9 Years Traditional Set Dance AIDA QLD
Minor Boys 9 & 10 Years  
Minor Girls 10 Years AIDA WA
Minor Girls 10 Years Traditional Set Dance  
Junior Girls 11 Years  
Junior Girls 11 Years Traditional Set Dance  
Junior Boys 11 & 12 Years AIDA VIC
Junior Girls 12 Years Tir an Oir
Junior Girls 12 Years Traditional Set Dance  
Intermediate Girls 13 Years  
Intermediate Girls 13 Years Traditional Set Dance Kathryn Trenholme TCRG
Intermediate Boys 13 & 14 Years The Traditional Irish Dancing Association New Zealand
Intermediate Girls 14 Years AIDA VIC
Intermediate Girls 14 Years Traditional Set Dance Catherine Cosgriff SDCRG
Senior Girls 15 Years AIDA SA, NT, TAS
Senior Girls 15 Years Traditional Set Dance Miller School of Irish Dancing
Senior Boys 15 & 16 Years AIDA ACT
Senior Girls 16 Years The Sheard Academy
Senior Girls 16 Years Traditional Set Dance  
Junior Ladies 17 Years The Traditional Irish Dancing Association New Zealand
Junior Ladies 17 Years Traditional Set Dance  
Junior Ladies 18 Years QIA Dancers
Junior Ladies 18 Years Traditional Set Dance  
Ladies 19 Years AIDA QLD
Ladies 19 Years Traditional Set Dance  
Senior Ladies 20 & 21 Years AIDA NSW
Senior Ladies 20 & 21 Years Traditional Set Dance  
Senior Ladies 22 Years & Over AIDA NSW
Senior Ladies 22 Years & Over Traditional Set Dance QIA Dancers
Men 17 Years & Over AIDA NSW
Príomh Comórtas BUN 5 & under AIDA QLD
Príomh Comórtas BUN 6 years AIDA WA
Príomh Comórtas BUN 7 years Blackbird Academy
Príomh Comórtas BUN 8 years  
Príomh Comórtas BUN 9 years  
Príomh Comórtas BUN 10 years Adelaide Academy of Irish Dancing
Príomh Comórtas BUN 11 years & over  
Príomh Comórtas TUS 7 years & under  
Príomh Comórtas TUS 8 years  
Príomh Comórtas TUS 9 years  
Príomh Comórtas TUS 10 years  
Príomh Comórtas TUS 11 years  
Príomh Comórtas TUS 12 years & over  
Príomh Comórtas MEAN 8 years & under  
Príomh Comórtas MEAN 9 years  
Príomh Comórtas MEAN 10 years  
Príomh Comórtas MEAN 11 years Feis by Howden
Príomh Comórtas MEAN 12 years  
Príomh Comórtas MEAN 13 & 14 years Margaret Dempsey TCRG
Príomh Comórtas MEAN 15 years & over Chris Carswell ADCRG and Nick Miers
Príomh Comórtas Adult A O'Connor School
Príomh Comórtas Adult B O'Connor School
Sashes awarded to Girls and Ladies Sections  
Cummerbunds awarded to Boys and  Mens Sections  
Teachers Awards Girls 6 & under  
Teachers Awards Girls 7 years  
Teachers Awards Girls 8 years  
Teachers Awards Girls 9 years  
Teachers Awards Girls 10 years  
Teachers Awards Girls 11 years  
Teachers Awards Girls 12 years  
Teachers Awards Girls 13 years  
Teachers Awards Girls 14 years  
Teachers Awards Girls 15 years  
Teachers Awards Girls 16 years  
Teachers Awards Ladies 17 years  
Teachers Awards Ladies 18 years  
Teachers Awards Ladies 19 years  
Teachers Awards Ladies 20 & 21 years  
Teachers Awards Ladies 22 years & over  
Teachers Awards Boys 7 & 8 years  
Teachers Awards Boys 9 & 10 years  
Teachers Awards Boys 11 & 12 years  
Teachers Awards Boys 13 & 14 years  
Teachers Awards Boys 15 & 16 years  
Teachers Awards Men 17 years & over  
Teachers Awards Freestyle  
Príomh Comórtas BUN Sashes McKenna, Oliver Howden
Príomh Comórtas TUS Sashes  
Príomh Comórtas MEAN Sashes AIDA QLD
Preliminary Sashes  
Freestyle Sashes AIDA QLD

Thank you to the following people and organisations for their valued support of the 2021 Australian International Oireachtas in advertising.

Prodigy Downunder

AIDA Queensland

Taste Ireland

AIDA New South Wales

Spreagadh na Rince

Scoil Rince Cashel

Tir an Oir

AIDA Victoria

Halloran Dance

Adelaide Academy of Irish Dancing

QIA Dancers

Eireann Academy

Higgins Academy

Lynagh Irish Dancing

Cox Academy of Irish Dance

Liz's Hair Stop